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Here I have recently posted the stepwise procedure to create the chart
MetaStock Online
This is provided through java. It feels like using actual software via Firefox / Internet explorer with live zooming, trenlines, indicators. Its fast to use as here the data is dumped first in your PC then the MetaStock online interface is used to further manupalate it.
Indiabulls uses MetaStock online while data from NSE and BSE are available. Its my first choice to have a first look of any stock. With MetaStock java interface you can draw few lines and On Balance Volume indicator here is also very reliable.
BSE official site also uses MetaStock online it provides a larger view of chart. While it only gives data of BSE listed stock. This could be best suited for the Candle Stick analysis. While I am not good at candle sticks. Typical metastock online output would look like this:

icharts, As the name says it uses ichart software for chart preparation. This is great site for very long term ie > 1yr charts. As I prefer such a long term chart to be seen on Log scale. This site provide Log scale also
Yahoo finance It also uses ichart for chart preparation. While it has all the facility I go to yahoo for 5-day chart. This is very useful if you want to do day trading. Typical icharts output would look like this:

icicidirect technical charts are available to icicidirect members only. While it is not the MetaStock but has simillar and beter features online. I found it to run fine only when viewed through Windows98. Though it is very comprihansive online charting I like the most in here is the retractment tool.

NSE official site While it provide good charts I do not really use it. While this site provide data in .cvs format which I use to import in spreadsheets like OpenOffice or MS-Excel. While I do not really do much of analysis on spreadsheet. What I do on spreadsheet is to understand the formulae of Indicators and how they work. I have tried out the MIDAS, was real fun.
By using combination of above I try to analyse the stock.

Additions on Sept 2011
If you are advance user there are many more stock charting tools available. One which I was very impressed with was "AIO trade" which is a desktop tool written in java.

If you want to host on the net then there is jchart .

Addition on feb 2013

Here I have recently posted the stepwise procedure to create the chart