Open any archives

7 ZIP is a open source/free software hosted on sourceforge which is giving you the key to open most of the known archive formats from .arj to .zip

This can also open .deb, .rar and .tar formats for that matter.

I have now migrated to 7 zip from winZip.

Most powerfull Media player around

While playing the video or music file you might have come accross

the error that your media player do not support the perticular format.

I tried the VLC player which seems to support the most available formats.
It does not need installation and can be played from the directory it recides
in windows.

Its a good open source software which can be installed on Linux and Mac.
I am using this player on windows and Linux. Its worth recommending.

MS Excel is costly . . . !

I am sure that most of you who are reading this uses Microsoft office. While I would not be surprised to know that 90% of you would not have paid more than 5USD for that software. . . . (Well then that is not the right price)

MS Office would cost you much more than that. It would cost you 350USD or more. While most of us do not know that there are free softwares available for download which gives all that Microsoft Office provide you.

One I know and use is OpenOffice.Org. This is the office application available for free download and installation at openoffice website.

I can tell you its worth a try and you would find it equally efficient.

Convert your documents to pdf . . !

Its like a dream come true if you were able to convert your documents to pdf before sending them to anyone. Reason they are not easily tampered with and portable.

Here is the tool which does that and that too with ease. Its a software called pdf995. This software creates a printer by name pdf995 on your windows installations. Once you print your document on this printer it will ask you for the location to save your pdf file.

So what you have is a pdf file of what you might have got on the paper. Its a must have for me and I always keep it in my usb flash.

Enjoy making pdf doc for free . . . . . .

Welcome message

I needed place to post links to some of the usefull softwares which I use and which are free in various sense.

Hence I created this blog. Hope it will help you all . . .